There are two types of people who want to be popular. One who is not popular and two who is already popular. There’s no magical quality that can make you popular, but if you work on getting noticed, being social, and getting involved, you’ll improve your chances of turning heads and getting smiles everywhere you go. If you want to know how to be popular, just follow these steps.

be popular3 important steps to be popular:
• Praise
• Attentive listening
• Smile

1. Praise

Sir, You are very handsome. Whatever you Wear suit or T-shirt you look Handsome. Is it appreciation or mockery?

There was exceptional boss in an office. He did hate appreciation. Nobody could praise him.
One day an officer said to the boss, “Sir, your handwriting is more than beautiful sir.”
“But you fool are not beautiful, you’re harmful, “the boss said crossly.
The office assistant Dave took up a challenge. He bravely said,” I must praise him. “The next day Dave entered the boss’s room.
“Sir, sir this is the first time in my long life I saw only one man who doesn’t like praise,” said Dave while tidying his table.
“Yes, Dave everybody begs for praise. Anyway, did you get your salary……?

Praise Pleases People
Yes, Praise people to inspire, Praise them from your heart not from your lips.

Flatterers are killers
Be aware of crazy dogs and flatterers. Praise must come from the heart not from the lips. Heartiest appreciation inspires and lip service conspires. So soulmates, if I want people to like me then I will recognize their good jobs so they can be inspire. No matter friends or foes whoever they are.

2. Attentive listening

Dinosaurs become extinct and many plants and animals are now extinct. Fireflies are on the verge of extinction and so are attentive listeners. You or we or I am more talker than listener.
Mates, you could be a rare person by achieving the almost extinct quality. But remember; do not listen with a rigid face. The speaker is happy and so are you; the speaker is sorry and so are you. And make sure you nod while listening. Nodding means many. First, it means you are listening with your full attention. Second, you are enjoying the speakers’ talks and finally the speaker obviously likes you.

3. Smile

After a single laughter you open a new chapter.
If so than say, smile is my style. A smile smells like flower. Flowers are the beauty of a garden and smiles are the beauty of face. Now , will you give a wry smile or a high smile? Let the whisper to you, do you know why political leaders smile? The democrat smiles and so does the autocrat. Mr. Rude, Hood, Good everybody smiles. Why? Because a smile is the introductory lesson to be popular.

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