5 E-mail mistakes you shouldn’t be making

E-mail is the most common mode of business communication, and it’s quite easy to get it wrong. Making any of the following mistakes when e-mailing a prospective employer, or your boss, or even a client might have major consequences, so you must always double check before you hit the send button.

1. Not signing off

Always write best regards and your name at the end of an official e-mail. Your recipient cannot magically know your full name and designation unless you tell them.

2. Forgetting the subject line

It doesn’t matter how important the message or the attachments inside your mail are, if you don’t add a subject line, your e-mail might not even be read. Subject line is the first thing the receiver notices, and it makes it easier for both sender and receiver to search for the e-mail later on.

3. Using emojis

E-mails are not a mode of instant messaging. Still, emojis are fine if you are the sort of person who uses e-mail for instant messaging, but do not use them in official e-mails.


4. Not using attachments

Some people just copy their doc files and put them in the body of the e-mail, they seem to forget that there is an option separately attach any format of files. Use that option and save your recipient some trouble.

5. Bad subject

Next up are bad subject lines. Either too long, too vague or just not saying anything at all. “Hey/Hello” is not a good subject line. Try expressing what you’re trying to accomplish with your email and keep it as short as you can otherwise it might not get opened at all.

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