Is your PC too slow? And you can’t afford a new one? Here is some special tips for you to speed up your PC/Laptop.

There are lots of ways of speed up your desktop: Scan for viruses, check your hardware, or reinstall Windows, for starters. The more extra files and unused start-up programs your PC holds, the more its processor will lag. At the same time, you have to be careful about the programs you delete because other programs might require a seemingly useless piece of software to operate. Here some ways to speed up your PC:

1. Remove desktop programs: How many programs do you use all the time? you shouldn’t have unused or rarely used files and programs sitting on your desktop. Take a look on your desktop, If there are any files or programs you don’t use delete them. How you delete the file/program?
Here’s how –> Right click on the program you don’t want to use –> Delete –>Yes.
For files or programs that you use a lot, you can create desktop shortcuts. That can speed up your computer. Right-click on the file or program –> Create shortcut.

remove desktop icon

2. Repair Windows systems files: You can slow down your own computer without even knowing it. If you do anything like forcing your computer to shut down, or just installing or uninstalling software, you can create errors in your Windows system files.
The SFC /Scannow command will scan all your Windows files and replace and fix any problems.

Here’s how: In Windows 10, type “command” into your Ask Me Anything taskbar. Click on Command Prompt, which will open a small black box on your screen. Type this exactly this way: sfc /scannow, with a space in between c and /. It will alert you if SFC /Scannow has fixed any problems. If so, restart your computer.

Command Prompt


3. Clear Out the Junk files: This simple step could result in a noticeably faster PC or laptop. You may know that you’re constantly adding new files, website histories and so much more to your computer.
You can easily clean out that junk, like unused software and broken files with a freeware like “Iolo System Mechanic” “IObit Advanced SystemCare” “Piriform CCleaner” etc. install any of software and clean out junk files.

4. Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use: If you don’t use any program but still installed on your pc then uninstall it. It will speed up your pc.

Uninstall Program

5. Turn off visual effects: You may have some visual effects slowing down your computer. You can adjust many of these effects: Start –> Settings –> System –> Display. Click on Advanced Display Settings. You can lower your computer’s resolution, for instance, and make other changes.

6. Check your hardware: Before you run to the store to buy a new PC or laptop, check to see if your hardware is the problem. First, make sure you regularly clean your computer. Turn it off, then wipe it with a damp cloth. Flip your computer over and make sure there isn’t dust or dirt clogging its fans and parts.

7. Reinstall Windows: Do not reinstall windows without exhausting all your other options. If you have no other option then uninstall your windows. If you uninstall your windows you will lose all programs on your PC/Laptop.

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