eBay will accept Apple Pay

eBay will begin rolling out Apple Pay acceptance on its Marketplace Platform this fall, it said in a separate announcement on 24th July 2018. The move is in line with its goal of simplifying the end-to-end flow of payments on its platform through an initiative unveiled earlier this year.


Buyers will be able to use Apple Pay on iOS and Safari to make purchases from sellers participating in the initial phase of the managed payments flow, starting this fall.

This “will bring [eBay’s] image more in line with that of a company solidly operating in 2018 and beyond,” she told.

“As of December 2017, just 12.8 percent of all adult smartphone users on all operating systems combined had ever used Apple Pay, and not all of those users rely on Apple Pay on a regular basis,” Johnson said, citing data from Pymnts.com.

However, “it certainly won’t hurt [eBay sellers] to accept Apple Pay,” she added.

Increased security will be a benefit to shoppers who use Apple Pay on eBay.

“Apple Pay tokenizes transaction data so card numbers are never actually given to the payment processor,” Johnson pointed out.

Another benefit for consumers is that Apple Pay has launched its own wallet feature, “so its users can store cash balances sent via the Messages app, which they can spend online or in apps,” she said.

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