When it comes to losing weight, which is the most helpful approach: working out or eating right? If you want to burn calories and cut down weight, it’s not surprising to ask yourselves this question. More often than not, the mind battles between better nutrition of physical activity when it comes to losing weight. While some researches show that dieting is the right approach, there are other studies that indicate otherwise. To find out which is the most efficient way to burn fat, keep reading this guide.


According to a study, people experience the highest levels of weight loss when they eat smart. On average, according to a research study, those who chose to go on a diet for fifteen weeks without taking part in any physical activity lost about twenty-three pounds while those who only took part in physical exercises for twenty-one weeks lost only six pounds. For instance, when you eat fast food that would add about 500 or more calories, you will need to run for more than four miles to get rid of the packed calories.

However, although the low-carb diets offer the best results, they are usually too difficult to sustain. A more balanced approach to dieting would be to combine vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, as well as whole grain carbs. You need to remember to cut your calories the right way as cutting too low may slow your metabolism. Nevertheless, if you fear your metabolism could be hampered, you may consider using supplements as these are among the best fat burners available.

Hitting the Gym

Physical activity, especially the aerobic exercise often results in the repression of the release of ghrelin. When you opt for a restrictive diet, you do not experience the benefits of hormone-repressing which is a direct effect of physical activities. The end result of cutting calories through the dieting approach is that you end up feeling hungrier and this may end up affecting your calorie-burning efforts because you may be tempted to eat some high-caloric meals. Moreover, if you choose to cut calories using the diet approach only and fail to burn more than what you consume, then you are less likely to lose weight. For that reason, exercising will ensure your dieting effort is well-supported.

How About Combining the Two?

If you are looking for the best way to lose fat, you may consider combining both physical activity and nutrition instead of preferring one over the other. Diet and exercise together are effective weight loss strategies as opposed to using either of these processes.

Final Word

Diet vs. Exercise is still a subject of debate among scholars and scientific communities when it comes to determining the best approach to losing weight. Although different studies provide different results, it is imperative to find a way to combine these two approaches. You’ll most likely get better results if you can combine your well-balanced diet with an effective fitness program because studies show that exercises and diet are both effective when it comes to burning calories.

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