Healthy and cheerful spiritis the source of beauty Cervantes Human health is best evidenced by its appearance, because health and beauty are inextricably linked. The appearance of a person is a reflection of his inner state. And a person whose body is harmoniously developed shines with a unique light.

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Healthy people are always optimistic, they are filled with a sense of joy and satisfaction with life. And this condition necessarily affects their appearance – attractive, without signs of tension, disease and concern. So, caring for the preservation of beauty, you must first of all carefully treat your health. A healthy lifestyle presupposes proper nutrition, physical activity, proper rest and much more.

Therefore, a person who wants to preserve beauty should adhere to the correct regime of the day with a regular alternation of work and rest, with a full and sufficient duration of sleep and, of course, with an active stay in the fresh air. And the first step towards preserving beauty and health is to keep the body clean.

Since ancient times, the Greek and Egyptian queens had a tradition of taking baths. Bathing became for them a kind of ritual of maintaining beauty, the glory of which has come down to our times. In addition, water treatments are the best way to harden. The body becomes immune to colds and infections. And this is very important for the preservation of beauty.

Health and beauty are also closely related to the quality of nutrition and lifestyle. There are disappointing data about how many serious illnesses are caused by the improper mode of the day, lack of vitamins and other valuable substances, overeating, lack of stay in the fresh air and overstrain of the nervous system.

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