Microsoft launches new Surface Studio 2 as the ‘fastest Surface ever’. The Surface Studio 2 has the same 28-inch display as the original, but Microsoft has tweaked the display and boosted the internals to make this the “fastest Surface ever.”

The new display is 38 percent brighter than the previous model, and it has 22 percent more contrast. All of this is powered by 13.5 million pixels on the Surface Studio 2 display and support for 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity on the Surface Pen. Microsoft is also supporting tilt functionality on the Surface Pen with the Surface Studio 2.That’s an interesting move, given that Nvidia recently announced its next-generation Turing architecture. Those cards are still very expensive, though, and Nvidia continues to sell them side-by-side with its Pascal-based cards.

The Studio 2 worked admirably during the demo, with a speedy response time using the pen, along with on-board AI capable of transforming handwriting into text, while pulling corresponding images down from the cloud.

There’s a 2TB SSD inside, instead of the slower hybrid drive on the original Surface Studio. That should immediately make this machine far faster and more capable, but Microsoft has strangely decided to stick with a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor inside. While the GPU and storage will be a lot faster, the processor won’t be as fast as you can get on other all-in-one PCs in 2018.

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