The Amazon Fire TV stick has finally arrived officially in Italy

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The Amazon Fire TV stick has finally arrived officially in Italy. An HDMI stick that, in essence, is a real Android box. Although in reality the operating system is proprietary, but still based on Android. And it is precisely this feature that allows the installation of almost all the app through APK.

fire tv

fire tv

The best choice from amazon The main purpose of the Fire TV is to make the Amazon user enjoy the proprietary content through the Amazon Video service. Especially since the standard price should be $59.99 euros but, for Prime subscribers, it drops to 39.99. In pack the remote control, bluetooth (you can also combine the Stick with a keyboard), an extension cable for those who can not fit directly into the HDMI, the power supply, and the USB power cable.

The video output is ’only’ 1080p 60hz. The 4k box is there but is not for sale in Italy and, among other things, do not buy it abroad. It would not work here. The audio goes out in dolby digital and the quality of the reproduced image is very good. As standard, in addition to Prime videos, there is the Netflix app (unfortunately it only supports the HD stream) and the entire Amazon app catalog. Obviously they are much less (and older) than those found in the Google app store. Even the catalog of films, series and programs is much lower than both Netfix and Sky but there is an exclusive title that makes the difference. Gran Tour!

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