Technology giants have absolutely skyrocketed in value over the last decade, offering consumers an endless stream of continuously innovative new products – one rolling out after the next. Ten years ago, we saw these Companies massive, growing corporations as heroes that would take human technology into the next era. Nowadays, however, these companies have managed to be embedded into our day-to-day lives like we could never have anticipated – on top of making a lot of investors rich in the process.


-Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976.
-CEO: Tim Cook
-Employees: 123,000
-Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
-Market Cap: $875.3 billion AND GROWING
-Growth in last ten years: 770%

This company needs no explaining – just watch the Golden Globe-winning 2015 film “Steve Jobs” to get an inside look at the beginnings of this legendary tech giant. This company got its start back in the 70s when its three founders developed the first commercially successful line of personal computers – and eventually launched one of the most successful mobile phones of all time, the iPhone.


-Founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994
-Has Employees: 566,000
-Headquarters: Seattle, WA
-Market Cap: $719.1 billion AND GROWING
-Growth in last ten years: 2020% is the largest online retailer worldwide today, and it got its start in a garage back in the mid-90s. Jeff Bezos had been the VP of a Wall Street firm before moving to Seattle to start an internet company after feeling like he missed the boat with the online boom. Since then, the company has exploded into groceries, artificial intelligence, and many more innovative services that almost all of us use.


-Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitzand Chris Hughes on February 4, 2004.
-CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
-Product: Social Network
-Employees: 25,105 AND GROWING
-Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA
-Market Cap: $520 billion AND GROWING
-Growth in last ten years: 483%
If you want to understand the beginnings of Facebook, which is one of the most widely-used social media platforms in human history, just watch the movie “The Social Network.” The film is all about the founding of this social network at Harvard University, which also includes depictions of the characters who eventually sued and won for the theft of their original social network idea.

  • Alphabet

-Founded by: Larry Page and Sergey Brin on October 2, 2015
-CEO: Larry Page
-Product: Conglomerate (Google parent company)
-Employees: 72,053
-Headquarters: Mountain View, California
-Market Cap: $784.2 billion AND GROWING
-Growth in last ten years: 411%
The two co-founders of Google eventually ended up founding Alphabet, Inc, and chose to launch a higher-up umbrella conglomerate to take some of the pressure off of Google – which was in control of a number of subsidiaries until they were passed up to the new parent company. The massive restructuring will certainly go down in corporate history.

  • Microsoft

-CEO: Satya Nadella
-Product: Software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services
-Founded by: Bill Gates & Paul Allen on April 4, 1975
-Employees: 124,000
-Headquarters: Redmond, Washington
-Market Cap: $ 724.2 billion AND GROWING
-YoY growth: 47%
-Growth in last ten years: 231%
Microsoft was founded back in the mid-70s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It took about ten years until it completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO), which raised $61 million at the time – famously making Bill Gates super rich. Since then, this has been one of the most reliable tech investments, as we use its software and video games technology all over the world.

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