Top5 best android games in there are action games and store games. It’s an amazing and most addictive game for android ones you choose a game to play. They need to have fun and easy to play all of this are extremely fun and also frustrating and addictive …! Everyone actually plays clash of clans, candy crush etc…! there are many games rest of all these games here we go…………….!

Top5 games

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Clash of Kings
  • Shadowgun Legends
  • World of Tanks
  • The Walking Dead Michonne

PUBG Mobile

PUBG calms a bit its ardor, especially competed by his “spiritual son” Fortnite Battle Royale. The two opponents are now exported on mobile, transposing a playability far from being most adapted to touch on a free to play model, without constraints of time or number of parts, that PUBG

Mobile is established. Enjoying multiple display modes, the title is playable on a palanquée of media, including a Galaxy S6 (Android), a machine on which we made the majority of our playing time. Note also that as a quality maximum on an iPhone X (iOS), the game has great graphics and is both impressive and well optimized. It is a real postage and not a version of the amputated possibilities that we have in our hands. Be careful, however, the title is very resource-intensive and long sessions of half an hour, the time to achieve a Top1 may well nibble you severely battery. In addition, the transition to touch incorporates a lot of gameplay optimization and ergonomics so that players can navigate and enjoy a gameplay adapted.

Intelligent object recovery based on what you already have at the automatic opening of doors, the gameplay of PUBG, relatively demanding on PC and console is seen here simplified to the possible. The interface does not take up much room and knows how to give pride to the observation of the scenery and surroundings, an activity that remains king on PUBG. As usual with the title, it’s 80% race and loot and 20% clashes. The players here have the same controls as on PC: displacement, body position, lean, aiming at the iron sight where at the hip, map, inventory management, everything is there including the orders of squads with the VOIP. After a few tries, the touch is integrated and, unlike Fortnite, this will be the only feature of “complex” gameplay to master on the phone. There is no construction here to make, which ultimately disguises the gaming experience less than the competition.PUBG Mobile does not really integrate the same thing as its saloon counterpart. The title features solo, duet, and squad, but only on Evangel. Miramar, second card of the game installed for 5 months, is not integrated. On the other hand, we find here a mode Arcade, in the closed arena very reduced, so that 30 players can fight quickly, on a random portion of Evangel. The Arcade parts are looped in about ten minutes and stick perfectly to the mobile user. It’s lively, fun thanks to the random side of the spawn, and it allows you to quickly capture the shooting mechanics of the title. This variant of the game is accessible from level 10 and it will be necessary to enchain some parts in classic before having access to it. In addition, be aware that the profile level system is related to your matchmaking, so do not be surprised to make relatively crazy scores on your first games: you are between beginners.

he free to play model of PUBG Mobile is very simple and open. No limitation on the number of games played per day, no obstacle to progression: you can play as long as you want. Your progress and actions will give you a rank at the end of the game and BP (battle points). As on the salon version, these points are used to buy boxes that grant you cosmetic equipment to equip your avatar. Some are limited in time and will disappear after a few days. A shop with real money can also purchase themed loot boxes such as the special agent, which requires the equivalent of three euros in premium currency.Finally, know that PUBG Mobile includes a system of missions and daily quests, which unlock free boxes. A system of seasons is also present and will deliver to the players of the loot according to their classification at the end of the given period. What motivates participants to perform one or two parts per day and more if affinity.

.Technically well optimized on most machines tested
.Free to play business model and well-thought progression system
.Faithful reproduction of the gameplay “salon”, with very good ideas for adaptation to touch
.Arcade mode, for short games with 30 players

PUBG Mobile is a good port of experience for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on console and PC: a realistic, large-scale royal battle that tends to reduce the size of its parts to promote fast action. Its control system and the mapping of inputs to the touch is a success and reflects rather well the premium gameplay, which was thought much more difficult to reproduce on tablet and phone. The economic model is perfectly adjusted and does not interfere with the free progression. It is, therefore, a very good mobile title for fans of the genre, whether they have 10 minutes to give partly Arcade 30 players or thirty minutes to make a Top 1 on a classic game at 100. A must- have the Royal Mobile Battle, assuredly. best game download have fun soon they update the version of the game have fun…………!

Clash of Kings

It takes patience to become a lord and build his kingdom to dominate the world. This is what Clash of Kings teaches us during very long hours for those who want to assert their domination in a virtual empire. Battles, management, alliances, strategy, and quests await us in this opus developed by Elex Wireless.


n Clash of Kings: to build a vast and powerful kingdom. Like most games of this kind, at the beginning of the progression, it will be necessary to start by gathering resources while developing the infrastructures of your domain. Wheat will be needed to feed and train the soldiers while the wood will be used to build buildings important for the safety of your emperor. The fortress will thus serve to build traps to defend you, the Watchtower aims to inform you about the opponents who attack, the Forge improves the equipment of the emperor and the Research Center has the function of ‘grant significant skills to your army and all the infrastructure of the kingdom. We are facing a game of management and strategy very classic but ultra complete. Each building can reach level 30 maximum. As one of them is improved, it unlocks abilities or new fighters that will swell the ranks of your army.

In addition to doing everything possible to bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom, it is also necessary to form an ever larger and more experienced army to carry out missions and face several types of adversaries. Stables, Barracks, Firing Range and Tank Plants can improve the power of your fighters while increasing the number of your soldiers. It is strongly recommended that you often go on an expedition on the huge map of the Clash of Kings universe because it is here that most precious treasures are hidden. Your troops can also be sent to wheat, wood or iron farms to harvest resources for the benefit of your kingdom. However, to survey these lands with a thousand dangers, it is necessary to possess relatively powerful soldiers in order to avoid disappointment with creatures or other unscrupulous players who will not hesitate to attack. Because one of the other major interests of the title developed byELEX Wireless, allow players to fight each other but also to cooperate to defeat adversity.

In addition to monsters to face on the map to gain experience points or other rewards, realms created by players abound all over this vast continent. The goal is to send a spy to the chosen empire so that it brings back important information that will justify or not, a possible assault. If you decide to send your army to attack a domain, the victory allows you to gain experience as resources and to establish the domination of your empire over the region. Be careful not to attract too much attention because the consequences could be dramatic in case of massive attacks on your home. There is, therefore, a kind of PVP also called Player vs. Player but whose interest is still quite limited. Indeed, there is really no need to attack an opposing side to evolve your own kingdom. So it’s totally optional but does not forget that other players will necessarily try their luck by attacking your empire. But by following the quests dictated by the game improve such building, kill so many monsters, build a number of traps), it is then very simple to build a rapidly prosperous and safe field despite the generally few external attacks.T he PVP adds a little spice to the progression without necessarily causing a real challenge.

The interesting aspect is the possibility of creating alliances with other players. It is not uncommon to receive a request to join such an “organization” although again, there is nothing obligatory to continue its progression. Joining an alliance allows you to take advantage of a few small benefits such as the possibility to be helped to improve your buildings, make technological research, build forts or participate in wars or special missions. It will sometimes be necessary to help his allies to defend some forts or to attack others. In the end, whether it is cooperation or PVP, it should be noted that these two “modes” are quite anecdotal. Certainly, it is a good thing for those who wish to play in their corner but the others will soon be confronted to the limits of these two aspects yet really ambitious but too diminished without the doubt because of the mobile support. The intention is still very good and can take care of a few hours. Clash of Kings offers a fairly consistent content while being free on iOS and Android. However, it is always proposed to the player to get hold of the portfolio to accelerate the construction and improvement of buildings. Alas, after a few hours, it becomes almost necessary to pay a few euros to buy gold coins to evolve faster. The feeling of being on the spot is quickly felt.From level 10, some infrastructure can take almost a whole day to improve. And while waiting for the work to be completed, despite the possibility of obtaining some free bonuses, all other constructions remain suspended, which considerably blocks progress. The frustration is never far away and the prices are quite prohibitive. It’s both frustrating and annoying.

all the more unfortunate that the Clash of Kings universe is quite immersive. The artistic direction is very colorful and the modeling of the kingdom is more than satisfactory despite the rigid animations of soldiers patrolling our land. In the end, there are two small flaws that can be annoying. Note the overloaded interface with many icons and other information on the screen that form a fairly indigestible set. Then, there is the mandatory connection to the internet without which the map of the world simply can not load since we are in the presence of an MMO sauce. From a purely technical point of view, Clash of Kings is in the middle of what is currently being done on smartphones.

.A huge universe
.Content at the height
.The PVP and the Alliances are well thought out
.Very addictive.

Clash of Kings shines especially thanks to its important content and its addictive side which pushes the player to regularly come to take care of his kingdom for a few minutes every day. Like most management games, getting your hands on the wall quickly becomes obligatory to progress, but the game is reminiscent of offering a vast universe with nice online components. Admittedly, the originality is not at the rendezvous but ELEX Wireless offers us a really mastered opus. The lovers of the genre will be conquered. the wonderful game if you guys are interested in playing this game come to the kingdom:1072 you guy enjoys by playing this game you guy’s can friend new friends ………!

Shadowgun Legends

The origin of Shadowgun Legends, we find the Czech Madfinger Games. Made up of former 2K Czech, this studio has two big licenses to his credit: Dead Trigger and Shadowgun, which interests us today. A futuristic GST heavily inspired by Gears of War, Shadowgun marked his era because of his technical prowess, the title being one of the most beautiful mobile games of his generation. After an extension and a multiplayer spin-off (Shadowgun: Deadzone), the license returns today in a whole new form with Shadowgun Legends. In Shadowgun, the player embodied John Slade in a dystopian future dominated by all-powerful intergalactic consortia. Good John happened to be a Shadowgun, an elite mercenary sent to the four corners of the galaxy to clean the dirty linen of the consortiums, weapon in hand and scathing replica to the lips. A formula little original, but very effective and above all, which had the merit of being unpublished on mobile. Seven years after the release of the first episode, and after giving us two very nice Dead Triggers, Madfinger is showing Shadowgun of cartoons with Shadowgun Legends, a title that is radically changing direction. And after spending a few hours alone with the game, as much as you say we are not disappointed.

If the first Shadowgun drew his inspiration very largely from the side of Gears of War, this new version eyeing it on Destiny. The human diaspora has indeed suffered a few setbacks since the last time we met it. An extraterrestrial force, Torment, fell on the corner of her nose and made it clear that she was not the boss. After an almost one-sided war, the resistance finally begins to organize, and it is the Shadowguns, these elite mercenaries, who have been appointed to kick the loaves of these belligerent aliens. Of course, it is you, the little fresh Shadowgun emulated who will go and solve the problem once and for all at the mercy of the campaign missions. To be perfectly honest, the storyline and narration are far from the strong point of Shadowgun Legends. The game never makes us the grace of the least kinematics, and the narration is systematically by text panels on the loading screens, distilling little information on the lore, and your objectives. A situation a bit disturbing at first, but that we forget quickly so as to focus on the action. The beginnings of the Shadowgun Legends scenario remind you of something, that’s normal. Replace Shadowgun with Guardian, Torment with Darkness, and you get Destiny more or less. With this change of inspiration, Madfinger takes the opportunity to give a new direction to the Shadowgun series that abandons his tinsel TPS to become a multiplayer FPS with RPG elements. And the least we can say is that it works pretty well once in a game. After creating his avatar with some customizable elements, you will find yourself propelled into the hub of Shadowgun Legends with other players . There, you will discover the many NPCs that will dictate your progress in Shadowgun Legends. The principal is none other than Jack Slade, protagonist, of the first Shadowgun, who now officiates as the main quest giver. You will have to talk to him very regularly to progress in the campaign and get additional missions. With him, you can find various merchants weapons, armor and cosmetic items, a bar that allows you to get temporary buffs, a casino to throw your money real or in the game through the windows and a sponsored part. There, you will be able to sign a contract that will earn you money every X hours, which you can adjust according to your connection frequency. The last NPC you can discover will give you access to PvP modes, as well as the “raid”, but we’ll come back to it later.


After shopping, and recovering your missions, it’s time to go break the alien in order to fulfill your destiny as a galactic savior. Whether it is to recover an object, kill a certain enemy or accomplish any other objective necessary for the progression of the scenario, the course of the missions will be more or less the same. You will be disembarked in a closed level, often very short, and will evolve between corridors and arena by dozing waves of aliens, even a boss, in the passage. Sometimes you will have to solve a few little leverage puzzles to activate or puzzles to solve, but nothing really rocket science. Once the goal is reached, you will need to earn an extraction point or call your ship to get the trunk. Short missions, which oscillate most often between 5 and 10 minutes, and which give pride to the action. Once back in the fold, you collect experience, glory, and reward in order to progress, and can leave again for a new batch of missions. Asimple principle, direct, and above all, extremely effective. The brevity of the missions means that we rarely have time to get bored and that we quickly succumb to the “go, one more and I stop” syndrome, despite their repetitiveness.Multiplayer modes are also quite classic in their progress. It will be possible to duel against another Shadowgun or to operate as a team of four against four in traditional deathmatches that are more to show the beautiful equipment recently acquired than anything else. What is a little more interesting on the other hand is the “Voltaic Fist” mode, which adopts the form of the Destiny raids. With two other Shadowguns, you will be sent to slay an alien general, the famous Voltaic Fist.Before reaching it, however, you will have to cut down a few waves of holes, and solve a series of puzzles asking for a lot of collaboration. And that’s where the rub, because without voice chat or writing, coordinate the actions of the group is a big problem. A good idea, therefore, but who suffers from the limitations of its mobile support. For the rest, the title is rather pleasant with its system of equipment and progression drawing on the RPG which offers many possibilities of customization, both in terms of the style of play with different weapons and skills, than on the map cosmetic.

Technical Success Gameplay

Gameplay aside, hard to find fault. Madfinger knows his business and the controls

implemented by the studio are perfect for their game. And if we start ticking on the choice of automatic shooting (that we can disable), it is clear during the missions that this is the most appropriate shooting mode, especially on a small screen. Without automatic shooting, the inaccuracy of aiming is heavily felt, and missions can quickly become a nightmare. An observation that will also apply to control on the controller, the game is compatible with the MFI controllers. Technically, he also gets away with honors. Once again, the Czech studio to show its mastery of the mobile environment to propose an absolutely beautiful title, despite a slightly classical artistic direction, when it is not shamefully pumped at the boyfriends (one of the enemies, the Hunter, is nothing less than a Predator who did not have enough to eat. This plastic beauty, however, has a cost, and the older phones will suffer many slowdowns, especially in the hub of the game, or during certain transitions. The small black point on the other hand for the sound part that reveals musical tracks quite forgettable, and above all, a protagonist who spends his time swinging the same three replicas constantly when playing.A word finally on the economic model of this Shadowgun Legends. Free to play requires, you can find a premium money system that will greatly facilitate the task by allowing you to acquire better equipment faster, and a slew of cosmetic items even if it will affect less your progress. If the game does not put a strict barrier to your progress with a system of energy or timer, you will still face a fairly steep progression curve, which will require you quickly to gain level, and get you from the best equipment pain of dying in a loop on the missions of history. Nothing insurmountable if you have the patience to grind in a loop the meager daily missions provided by the hub NPCs.

.Beautiful graphics …
.Perfectly adapted tactile maneuverability
.Complete progress and customization system
.Ideal for short game sessions

With this change of direction on his license, Madfinger is breathing a breath of fresh air on Shadowgun. The transition from TPS to FPS is objectively very successful and offers good sensations once one has taken the fold of the touch controls thought by the studio. The brevity of the missions combined with the multiplicity of customization options means that Shadowgun avoids the pitfall of repetitiveness to offer a gaming experience at the end very friendly that is consumed very well by short bursts, but which will not support the more gaming sessions. long. If the title is still perfectible and would gain a little more content, it already has a solid base, efficient and very friendly. Madfinger has, already announced the active monitoring of its title, we bet that it will only improve over time.

World of Tanks

over 50 million active accounts on the PC version of World of Tanks, could not stop there. In addition to the versions of the series dedicated to aircraft or warships, the plan for global domination of the publisher passes through mobile media. His Trojan horse to enter the new market is called World of Tanks Blitz, a version specifically dedicated to Android and iOS players.

World of Tanks on PC is well established and continues to grow over the months necessarily giving some ideas to its publisher The goal is simple: to reach new players by transferring the miracle formula to other media. And in the case of World of Tanks, what is better than mobile media……? The game has indeed built its reputation on the fact that it is incredibly fast to take it in hand. No need to go through long learning sessions to maneuver his tank, everything is very instinctivelyA trademark that is found in the mobile version. We could try a pre-alpha version the title on iPad and see how easy the controls are to understand. With only a virtual stick at the bottom left of the screen, a fire button, and a button to use the periscope. That’s about all you need to start having fun. The faithful of the series will note a small optimization at the level of the binoculars. Instead of letting the player control the power of the zoom, the game automatically tightens the frame when it detects a target.

The list of game modes to appear on mobile is not yet defined, any more than the list of tanks available on the first day. There will necessarily be less than PC, it is already a certainty. The updates will, however, be expected to inflate the garage of the three nations that are the United States, Germany, and the USSR. According to the philosophy that guides each of its games, Wargaming will offer World of Tanks Blitz in free-to-play. In-game purchases will be present, but not required to winThe editor reminds that at the end of the day, what matters is the talent of the player. A bad player is a bad player, even at the controls of a super tank. Talent and precision will be the two important elements in the gameplay and not who bought such improvement or tank. The arrival of the game on mobile is rather malicious on the part of the publisher. The gameplay lends itself perfectly thanks to short games to play online up to 7 against 7 (15 against 15 on PC). Finally, the big unknown is the vagueness surrounding cross-platform opportunities. Wargaming prefers to focus on developing the game before questioning let PC, Android, and iOS players play together. Similarly, it seems already excluded to transfer all mobile content unlocked on PC. If the cross-platform and data transfers are finalized, World of Tanks Blitz could easily follow in the footsteps of its elders and become a new phenomenon of the multiplayer game.

The Walking Dead Michonne

The invasion of Zombies surging on the cinema, the video game, the comics … continues for about ten years now and this rotten march is perpetuated as the publishers still exploit this vein. A spearhead of this movement, the saga The Walking Dead is spreading over the world. Beyond some anecdotal mobile games, this apocalyptic universe is discovered through the vision of the Telltale Games studio and its narrative experiences at the crossroads of video games and interactive films. After a season 2 starring Clémentine, The Walking Dead focuses on Michonne, emblematic character of the franchise in both the TV series and the comics in a spin-off series of 3 episodes soberly titled Walking Dead Michonne.


The Walking Dead continues its conquest of the world carried by an adulterated TV series which season 6 has just bowed and a series of video games developed and published by the studio Telltale Games.
the first two seasons and the episode 400 Days lingered on the journey of Lee and

Clementine, unpublished characters, this The Walking Dead: Michonne surfing on the aura of Michonne, a character appreciated by fans as well in the comics than in its audiovisual adaptation. The simple credits being a tribute to both media with comic-inspired visuals and television editing. Without spreading the life of our wandering katana follower in the woods with only two penguin zombies kept on a leash, this real spin-off reveals in part the origins of our heroine … narrating by flashbacks sometimes too present the loss of her children or his propensity to take away life without flinching. the saga The Walking Dead has seen by a Telltale magnet to make us cringe during heavy sequences between summary execution and first aid with the snatch, the latter intensifies without half-measures its bloody approach. Tison heated to white to cauterize a wound, wild murder with the adjustable wrench, entrails spilled on the ground … the series does not save you anything anymore. The episodes created for the occasion are of rare violence, even for a game of zombies, and play with the feeling of the player. Scenes of torture, children executed … The Walking Dead: Michonne embraces purely and simply the bestial counterpart of the franchise.From the simple conversation around a coffee cup to the armed confrontation ending in a bloodbath passing through the scenes of tension punctuated by decisions to be taken on the spot, the narrative alternates lightness and sequences heavy sense; poignant scenes avoiding the pitfall of excessive tears. At the mercy of Michonne’s wanderings, an America struck by fate is revealed in fragments. The player discovers new inhospitable places (floating city, house lost in the woods …), new characters according to his fortuitous encounters (Oak, Norma, Randall …). The rhythm of the adventure thus oscillates between dramatic intensity and nonchalance, between action and exposure in an adventure with a controlled story in general despite a second episode falling short and a multitude of flashbacks decreasing the impact of the story unfolding before our eyes.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is carried by graphics that artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard (artists behind the comic book) could not deny. Superlatives are not lacking to describe this artistic direction, pure and simple homage to comics. Graphics in line with other games Telltale Games but presenting a treaty in Cell Shading more “realistic”. Exaggerated contours to cut out the elements of the scene, the characters, pencil strokes inherent to the 9th art to give a “drawn” appearance to the set and finer textures come to feed an artistic direction still effective. As for the soundtrack, nothing to complain about. The choice of music titles and the work on the voices fly without exception. Special mention to Dorothy’s song Gun In My Hand giving life to the credits.

An adult and bloody walking dead
Michonne at its best
An artistic direction “comics” without equal
An effective narrative experience

The Walking Dead. The character of Michonne brings a certain interest to this series of 3 episodes introducing the origins of a heroine emblematic of the franchise. Without ever renewing the formula, the title of Telltale Games acquires only the mechanics inherent to the interactive film. And yet, despite scenes a little warm, this spin-off of The Walking Dead deserves our attention if only for the intensity of certain situations in the certainly adult approach and artistic direction “comics” of the most beautiful effect.

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