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The iPhone X CPU runs at 2.39GHz. The Snapdragon 845 runs at 2.8GHz. So Apple isn’t even on the loser’s circle as far as clock speed is concerned.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Final Specs: Here’s What You Get
Phone iPhone 8 iPhone X
Screen Size (Resolution) 4.7-inches (1334 X 750) 5.8-inches (2436 X 1125)
CPU A11 Bionic A11 Bionic
RAM (reported) 2GB 3GB
Capacity 64, 256 GB 64, 256 GB

But it’s not all about CPU speed. iPhone apps written in Objective C compile to native code. Android apps compile to Java Runtime. And native code always runs faster than the same code being interpreted by something like a Java Runtime machine simulator.

So the same app, written in Objective C for an iPhone and written in Java/Kotlin for an Android, will run faster in an iPhone than in, say, a Note 9, even though the CPU in the iPhone is slower. (An app “made” in one of these “app writing apps”, that don’tcompile directly to native iPhone CPU code, will probably run a lot slower in an iPhone X than the same app written in Java/Kotlin and running in the Note 9.)

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